Day to Day Management 

For any business to be successful, its day-to-day operations must be well managed. BPM provides a comprehensive set of daily services in order to maximize your condominium's performance and effectiveness. Our goal is to keep an open line of communication with the board and owners, and to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your property.

Our day-to-day operations include:

-  Collection and documentation of all deposits.

-  Quick response to problems, such as water leakage or security.

-  Open and transparent communication with the board and owners.

-  Managing staff and schedules.

-  Managing security personnel and monitoring systems.

-  Hosting AGM and other owners meetings.

-  Managing Phone/TV/Internet Accounts (if applicable).

We make it our goal to provide each of these services to the highest standards. We are highly flexible in our approach, and can design a management model that works well with your business's needs.


Communication is key to any successful corporation. In addition to posting the occasional notice, BPM communicates regularly with the board and owners, and will hold owners meetings to explain any large project or significant changes to the operation of the condominium. 

Project Management

Larger projects that come up from time to time in the reserve fund study require a lot of work and project management to completed on time and within budget. Our operating procedures ensure that the bidding process is open and fair, and that only the best contractor get the jobs. For larger projects we encourage our boards to use third party engineers in order to keep costs from getting out of hand. 


Security is essential in any condominium, both from external threats, and even from people living in the building itself. Brilliant Property Management takes security very seriously, and has extensive experience dealing in high risk areas of the city. Our goal is to make your home a safe and comfortable community where owners need not worry about safety or property damage. If your security system is not suited to your needs, there are several options we can pursue:

-  Security Cameras

-  Key-fob detection system

-  Computer monitoring system

-  Motion detector lighting in outdoor/parking garage area

-  Security guard


Buying in bulk can lead to significant discounts. BPM can negotiate inexpensive rates for television, internet, and home phone lines and shift the cost into the condominium's Operating fund. Although condo fees would increase, owners would save on their overall monthly payments. Please keep in mind however that we would need consent from a vast majority of owners in order to arrange any of these services.