I have been an owner resident in this corporation since 1982 when our building was only 6 years old. Within a few years unacceptable deterioration of the property began to emerge while our condo fees continued to escalate. After spending years shifting from one manager to another, one company to another, we finally stumbled upon Brilliant Property Management, but had already expected little improvement in our situation. Immediately changes began to happen. Our condo fees were reduced substantially our reserve fund improved, and is now healthier than it has ever been, and the building is cleaner than we had ever experienced. After many years of frustration, we finally have found a “happy home”. Initially I laughed at the name Brilliant but they truly live up to their name.
— Elizabeth Flynn, Former Director YCC272*
Since joining our Corporation, BPM has gone through all of our contracts, performed an Energy Audit, and introduced project management procedures, all of which have helped move our Operating and Reserve funds in the right direction. Our financial position continues to improve, and the building is getting the attention it needs.