Who We Are 

Brilliant Property Management is comprised of a group of individuals with varied but complimentary skill sets. Our directors come from diverse backgrounds including condominium and industrial property management, and business consulting. Most of our directors have been on the boards of both national and international corporations. This experience has given us a unique skillset that we can use to help protect your investment, while making your home a happy and enjoyable place to live

                 BPM in silhouette form 

                 BPM in silhouette form 

Brilliant Property is the only company I’ve ever seen that keeps dog treats in the management office! Their staff are friendly and easy to work with, even in the most difficult situations.
— Aimee Dayan, Resident


The directors of BPM have been managing condominium and industrial properties for over 10 years. We took over the management of our own condominium back in 2002 when the building was in serious financial trouble. Over the next decade we were able to rebuild our reserve fund, complete major structural repairs, and keep condominium fees comparable to other buildings in the area. With the knowledge we acquired we were asked by directors of other buildings for advice, and eventually incorporated our own company in 2011. Since then we have run a seminar for the City of Toronto, have been involved in the new Condo Act legislation process, and have been published several times in Condo Business magazine.